Holding Company Benefits

Captive Insurance

Enhanced Risk Management

What is a Captive?

Captive insurance is not an insurance product, but an insurance company. It is one you form specifically to insure your companies and their risks. They provide enhanced risk management, vis-à-vis commercial insurance companies, while lowering taxes and other costs.

Risk Management

Obtain coverage for risks which are otherwise uninsurable.


Invest the premiums you pay in a variety of assets. The float is yours to profit from.

Lower Costs

Premiums are an expense, the float is investable and capital gains are taxed at lower rates than ordinary income.

U.S. based captive insurance companies may not collect more than $2,400,000 in premiums per year.

  • Holding Company Tips
  • Properly Title Assets
  • Draft Agreements Between Entities
  • Don't Comingle Funds
  • Treat The Entities as Separate
  • Consult With an Attorney

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